Career Summary

20 years working with the world's leading software companies

As an experienced and enthusiastic Solution Architect and Professional Services Manager. I have substantial knowledge and understanding of enterprise sales, solution development, integration and deployment. Working in Pre-Sales, Professional Services, and Training has given me a fabulous view of the inner workings of the software industry.

Working in the US, EMEA, and APAC, both with direct and indirect customers has given me experience in multi-cultural environments and an understanding of the unique challenges this presents. Focusing on driving new business and seeking revenue opportunities has meant that I’ve been able to achieve some great results and help drive real success.


Career History

Adobe, Oracle, FatWire, Autonomy, Verity, Cardiff Software, Coca-Cola

Successful customers lead to great references, which lead to new customers. Delivering quality solutions at the right time has been the core tenant of my career, both as a Solution Architect in a pre-sales role and as a Professional Services Manager


Technology Skill Set

Web, BPM, EDRMS, Middleware, Databases

The technical aspect of my career has focused on Customer Experience, Web Experience Management, Business Process Management, Enterprise Capture, Enterprise Document and Records Management, as well as Middleware architecture including cloud technologies


Industry Skill Set

Solution Architecture, Professional Services, Management, and Training

Enterprise solution design and delivery has been the focus of my career in the software industry. From leading pre-sales cycles to managing professional services teams, I’ve focused on revenue and quality, both for the customer, and the team




I've worked extensively across Europe, North America, The Middle East, and South East Asia