Technology Skill Set

Web, BPM, EDRMS, Middleware, Databases

As the Digital Experience Lead for Oracle Middleware I lead enterprise pre-sales engagements to delivery elegant and sophisticated Web, Marketing Automation, Enterprise Capture, and BPM solutions. Leveraging both our Cloud and on-prem product portfolio I’ve had the privilege of helping our customers achieve some fantastic industry leading solutions

As a Professional Services Director I had oversight of small and medium sized project run by the team and I managed the delivery of enterprise programmes. The technology portfolio included BPM, Enterprise Content and Capture as well as Enterprise search and business intelligence

Adobe Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe Experiance Manager Sites (DX/CX)
  • Adobe Experiance Manager Mobile
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Adobe Managed Services
  • Adobe Experiance Manager Forms
  • Adobe Experiance Manager Screens
  • Adobe Experiance Manager Communities
  • Adobe Target
Oracle Product Suite
  • WebCenter Sites (DX/CX)
  • Marketing Automation Cloud
  • Oracle Commerce Cloud
  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Process Cloud Service
  • Mobile Cloud Service
  • Documents Cloud Service
  • WebCenter Content (EDRMS)
  • WebCenter Social / Mobility
  • WebLogic
Autonomy / Verity / Cardiff Product Suite (now HP)
  • Autonomy Enterprise Search
  • Autonomy Process Automation (BPM)
  • Autonomy Enterprise Data Capture (TeleForm)
  • LiquidBPM Orchestration Engine
  • Autonomy EDRMS
  • Enterprise Archive Services
  • TeamSite Content Management
  • iManage Intelligent Content Processing
Databases, Languages, and Scripts
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Oracle Database
  • Microsoft Visual FoxPro
  • Java
  • .NET (Visual Basic)
  • Linux OS
  • JavaScript
  • Visual Basic for Application
  • HTML
  • XML
  • WebServices
  • Windows OS
Vocational Training Courses
  • IBM WebSphere 5 Administration
  • Sun Microsystems’ Java
  • Java for Programmers
  • Java for Developers
  • Citrix Architecture Administration
  • IDOL Enterprise Search
  • Visual Basic for Application
  • Zantaz Enterprise Archive System Certification